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The National Crime Prevention Programme (NCPP) is a community-centered initiative with a ‘Whole of Government’ and ‘Whole of Society’ approach to crime prevention.  The NCPP’s guiding principles are CollaborationEmpowerment and Action.  

This programme is designed to engage, educate and empower communities to make crime prevention their responsibility, in order to achieve safer communities and improved quality of life. The NCPP will work with communities to understand and address the root causes of crime and to build and sustain a national culture of crime prevention.

A key objective of the NCPP is to obtain public/private partnership and collaboration at community, regional and national levels for its crime prevention initiative to be sustainable. The success of a crime prevention programme can only be achieved with the support and participation of each citizen, across every sector of Trinidad and Tobago.

The NCPP will target fourteen (14) Municipalities in Trinidad, as well as the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

Implementation of the NCPP would institutionalize a model of collaboration in identifying and responding to issues pertinent to the safety, security and welfare of communities throughout the country.

Crime Prevention is a shared responsibility!


The NCPP’s guiding principles are CollaborationEmpowerment and Action.  

Collaboration - cooperation and collaboration are integral parts of the NCPP and critical to effective crimeprevention. Crime prevention is a shared responsibility!

Empowerment - empowered communities are safer communities with an improved quality of life

Action - the NCPP requires active citizen participation and will facilitate the mobilization of communities tocreate a crime prevention culture

Critical to satisfying the programmes’ objective is the need for Public/Private Partnership and Sustainable Collaboration with all citizens working together at Community, Regional and National level to prevent crime.  

Safer communities and improved quality of life is the goal of the NCPP to bring much needed relief to citizens in relation to crime, public safety and fundamental quality of life issues in communities across Trinidad and Tobago.



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