Frequently Asked Questions

    A community centered initiative with a whole of government and whole of society approach. It provides the opportunity for shared responsibility, community cohesion and community mobilization

    The Community Crime Prevention Councils will identify and prioritize community issues and interventions will be tailored, based on the community needs and conditions.

    It is where the community has a voice at the table. This programme is a whole of government and whole of society approach to crime prevention, in addition it is not specific to a type of crime, a type of community a type of vulnerable population. It is all encompassing.

    This will provide the community with the opportunity to have a safer and improved quality of life.  This provides   every citizen, business community, stakeholder the opportunity to be part of the solution.

    It is an initiative with shared responsibility, where collaboration is integral and critical to the effective crime prevention

    It will build resilient communities. The National Crime Prevention Programme (NCPP) will institutionalize a model of collaboration and co-operation in identifying and responding to issues pertinent to the safety, security and welfare of communities throughout the country. It is about changing minds, behaviours and attitudes, it is about mobilizing communities, increasing community spirit and building the resistance of communities, making them more resilient to crime.

    Through Social Media, volunteering on the CCPCs and contacting the National Crime Prevention Programme Secretariat